Manawatu and Levin 4x4 Club

Teams Winch Challenge Series 2023

Levin Round - Rallywoods 16th / 17th September 

Manawatu Round - Hills Hills 4th / 5th August

Come and throw mud and compete for the ultimate bragging rights in this two part series. Each club will host a round and points will combine into a series total.


All vehicles will compete in the same class with two vehicles in each team. Vehicles will require at minimum, a 4 point roll cage and belts in good condition. Open or soft top vehicles require a minimum of 4 point harnesses. Hard tops can use 3 point belts but 4 point harnesses are recommended. Maximum tyre size is limited to 37". Minimum 1x winch per vehicle. Detailed scruitineering sheets are available on request.


Camping will be available overnight. It is highly recommended to camp overnight and stay amongst the action. Please be respectful and remember to bring a rubbish bin.


This event is not suitable for spectators. If you are part of a pit crew and would like to spectate during the day then please watch out for other competitors. If you get in the way then race marshals have the ability to deduct points from the team you are supporting.

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Levin Round -

Manawatu Round -