Levin 4x4 Club

12 Hour Challenge 2022

Rallywoods Forest 4th / 5th June

Come and throw mud and compete for the ultimate bragging rights at the 12 Hour Challenge hosted by Levin 4x4 Club. Teams of two vehicles will winch through hazards testing both themselves and their vehicles.

The winch challenge will run for 12 hours on Saturday with racing starting at 9am. The last track will be handed out at 8pm Saturday night. You will then have the evening to fix your vehicles before you get a chance to gain extra points in the speed stages Sunday morning. Speed stages start at 9AM on Sunday.

Entries cost $300 per team. Camping included.


There will be a single vehicle class competing on the day with limited restrictions on modifications. Vehicles will require at minimum, a 4 point roll cage, 4 point harnesses (unless the vehicle has a recent WOF), and tyres no larger than 37" marked on the side wall. Winches are not a requirement but are highly recommended! 


Camping will be available on the airstrip or outside the Hutt.(The hutt itself is reserved for Marshals or by prior arrangement) It is highly recommended to camp overnight and stay amongst the action. Friday night camping is available too if required.


It is a privilege to have access to the land. Access is controlled through a gate which is often locked. We will ensure the gate is unlocked at key times however it could be locked during the day. If the gate is locked please contact a marshal on UHF Channel 4 or at the Green Hutt.


This event is not suitable for spectators. If you are part of a pit crew and would like to spectate during the day then please watch out for other competitors. If you get in the way then race marshals have the ability to deduct points from the team you are supporting.


The course is located at Rallywoods. Follow the road to the end and you will see the forestry gate entrance.

Sign up here: http://www.offroading.kiwi/12-hour-challenge/signup